KEYSTONE Egisharp Samurai

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The Keystone Egisharp SAMURAI differ due to their unique glow properties.  Like all Egisharp models they have a mild darting action and strategic UV colour coding.  Both of these very important in attracting larger squid to strike.  Suitable for all egi styles from boat to land based.  

  • Outstanding free fall balance
  • Vibrant colour range
  • Standard dart action
  • 45 degree free fall
  • Highly regarded by Aussie EGI fishermen
  • Long cast design 
  • Great for deep water 3-12mts
  • Variable sink rate options 
  • Size: 3.5 - 3.8
  • Stainless steel super sharp barbs 
  • Made in Japan

Sink rates:

V1: slightly slower than standard 3-4 seconds per metre. 

V2:  slightly faster sink than standard 1-3 seconds per metre.  Ideal in deeper water or fast drift scenarios.