YOZURI EGI AURIE-Q Classic Squid Jigs

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Seriously heavy duty commercial grade jigs.  Used by professionals and rec anglers all over the world.  

Probably the earliest high-quality jig brand seen in Australia.  First available during the early 1980’s

Yozuri squid jigs quickly became folklore amongst many southern recreational & commercial squid fishos alike for their durable construction, ideal sink rate and proven color range.  Which is still available today.

These awesome jigs are a must have for any serious big squid hunters.  Top favourite of the FIGHT crew, especially the wide range of Red Foil mate deals.  Old school Awesome. 

  • Perfect balance body
  • Cloth wrapped
  • Glow eye
  • Snag less sinker
  • Rolling swivel tying eye

Photo courtesy Think BIG Charters.