YAMASHITA Egi Sutte-R 2019

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Available in 3 sizes here at Fight, the Egi Sutte are incredible value for money.  Each jig features skeleton glow bodies which are suitable for both night and day fishing. The slim head design and knife edge sinker give these jigs an easy darting action and the super fine stainless steel hooks enable excellent hookups without rusting issues. Five types of cloth are available as indicated by the first letter of each colour:

  • R = la-me cloth
  • B = classic cloth
  • X = classic cloth with rainbow undertape
  • N = natural baitfish coloured cloth 


19 colours available in sizes: 1.8, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5


Lengths, Weights, Sinking Speeds


     Size 1.8:  5.4cm,  5.0g,  8.0-9.0 sec/m

     Size 2.5:  10cm,  10g,  4.0-4.5 sec/m

     Size 3.0:  11.5cm,  15g,  3.0-3.5 sec/m

     Size 3.5:  13cm,  20g,  3.0-3.5 sec/m