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The Keystone Monro have an aggressive up down darting action and strategic UV colour coding.  Both of these very important in attracting larger squid to strike when the squid are up and hunting.  The up down action is very effective at imitating prawns and work very well under full moons.  Suitable for all egi styles from boat to land based.  

  • Balanced near vertical free fall
  • Polyurethane constructed body
  • Vibrant colour range
  • Standard dart action
  • 70 degree free fall
  • Highly regarded by Aussie EGI fishermen
  • Long cast design 
  • Great for deep water 3-12mts
  • Variable sink rate options 
  • Size: 3.5 - 3.8
  • Stainless steel super sharp barbs 
  • Made in Japan

Sink rates:

V1: slightly slower than standard 3-4 seconds per metre. 19gm

V2:  slightly faster sink than standard 1-3 seconds per metre.  Ideal in deeper water or fast drift scenarios.