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SUMIZOKU Gou are newest range of squid jigs from  Japan’s premiere squid jig manufacturer Harimitsu.

Harimitsu has been developing and testing these new concept jigs with the help of several top level egi professionals.

The Gou (Ve-78) has following noteabke features:

■ Fixed SUS Eye & Slim Nose
■ Rigid Body
■ Stream Line Sinker
■ Asymmetric Curved Catch Hook

The GOU concept differs from the classic VE22 jigs. In general, they are more pointed and optimised for more sharp darting.  Yet retain the chubby body which differs them from the new slim profile VE-77 jigs.  The gou features classic double row curved barbs.  With the bottom barb slightly larger than the top. 

The Gou is available in Normal sink and size 3.5 and stands alone at the top of the somizoku range as harimitsu’s premiere product.