Shimano Nasci 2500 FB

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Nasci FB reels have a host of features not normally seen in reels at this price point. They have cold forged Hagane Gears, offering greater durability and strength. This provides additional cranking power and smoothness, while Core Protect has been applied to the internals to increase longevity. With five models ranging from 1000 size up to 5000, these all-rounders can be used in the estuary when chasing bream, to sportfishing for inshore pelagics.

We use these reels personally and rate them higher than reels seversl levels higher in the Shimano Range.  They are silky smooth gearboxes and smooth precise drags.  They do not look or feel like a cheap reel, they are actually very impressive.  Nasci have a solid, precise feel, and feature sharp alloy machinee finish spoil and a subtle understated style. 

Shimano are on a serious winner with the Nasci and so are those using them in the field.